Personalized Iron-on Fabric Onesie Station for a Baby Shower Activity

Iron On Transfer Baby Shower Activity Onesies

by Samantha Brynn

The first baby shower that was thrown for me was lovely but times have certainly changed since that baby shower (this was almost 10 years ago!). We painted burp cloths with puffy paint. They were sweet and personal, however, some of the guests weren’t artistically gifted and I’m guessing the activity wasn’t one of their favorites. I've thrown several baby showers for friends and family since then (and I always love to include this ABC Coloring Book Baby Shower Activity. It makes a great keepsake and guest book, too!) Needless to say, fast forward many years down the road when I threw my sister a baby shower, remembering this personal activity, I choose to create personalized iron-on fabric onesies with sayings and photos specific to my sister and her husband. This simplified the artistic ability needed while still allowing guests to be involved. Also, the onesies had a consistent theme and look since they weren’t created freehand.

Iron On Transfer Baby Shower Activity 1

I’m a graphic designer by trade so creating the iron-on transfer art was simple. However, if you are just a little tech savvy, you can do this without design programs! is perfect for creating some personal text and art to print. There’s tons of font options and graphics available to use right on the website. You can type onto your page and add and resize graphic elements, then move them anywhere on the page. Fit as many graphics as you can onto one sheet to preserve space on the Iron-on Transfer paper. Photos are also a great option for Iron-on transfers! (PicMonkey offers a 7-day free trial and then a low monthly cost if you need more time.)  for graphic layouts for graphic layouts

Once you have a few pages of artwork/text ready to go, you’ll print them using an InkJet printer onto Iron-on Transfer Paper OR Printable Fabric. Then you’ll want to cut out each graphic element separately. I cut them out before the shower so that they were ready to go for our guests. (PLEASE NOTE: In my examples, I used PRINTABLE FABRIC that does not need the text or images to be reversed (made it easier for guests to see what they were doing. Iron-on TRANSFER PAPER is cheaper but requires you to reverse your image and iron on upside down, then peel the transfer layer off. Reversing the image using is possible with the Rotate tool and easy to do once you have your graphics read to go. Also, If you want to use darker clothing, make sure you purchase the Iron-on Transfer paper especially made for dark fabrics.)

Pre-cut Iron-On Transfer pieces for guests to choose from.

Pre-cut Iron-On Transfer pieces for guests to choose from.

So here’s the basic step-by-step and materials:



  • Clothesline and Clothespins to hang onesies

  • Sign (to introduce/explain the process to guests)

  • Name cards and clothespins (for guests to label their completed onesie with their name)

Our Clothesline and Onesie station

Our Clothesline and Onesie station

Before the Shower:

  1. Create the artwork on your computer using or another design software.

  2. Print a test print of your artwork before printing onto Printable Fabric or Iron-on Transfer Paper.

  3. Print your completed pages (make sure you fill the page before printing!)

  4. Trim carefully around the artwork. (Remember that even the white/negative space will transfer to the onesie so the way you cut is important!)

  5. Pre-wash the onesies.

  6. Optional: Set up clothesline to display onesies (a great way to display completed onesies that also doubles as party decor!)

Decorate Onesies

At the Shower:

  1. Preheat iron on cotton setting for 5 minutes. (Make sure there is no water in iron and steam setting is off.)

  2. Guests will chose a number of design elements to put them together onto a onesie (don't forget the back!)

  3. Once they have their layout decided, simply use an iron to carefully iron the design on. (Make sure to follow the instructions on the package.)

  4. Guests can either label their onesie with a sharpie or clip a paper with a note and signature to it.

  5. Have guests hang them back up so everyone can see!

Decorate Onesies Baby Shower Activity

Need some ideas on what to put on the onesies? Make a personal spin off of some of these quotes:

  • I <heart> Grandma and Grandpa

  • I’m Grandpa’s Sweet <heart>.

  • Family Pet names

  • My siblings are Golden Doodles.

  • Call Grandma STAT.

  • Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

  • Parents career/job:

    • My <heart> belongs to a Geologist.

    • I’m acute baby.

  • My cousins think I’m the best!

  • Happy Camper.

  • You are our greatest adventure.

  • Worth the Wait.

  • My Daddy’s Jeep is cooler than your Daddy’s Jeep.

  • I'm hungry. Again.

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Free Coloring Sheets for Baby Shower

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ABC Book Template for a Baby Shower Activity

ABC Book Download for Baby Shower Activity

by Samantha Brynn

Looking for a fun and casual Baby Shower activity with lasting memories? Make an ABC Book for baby! It’s a low-pressure activity that guests can take their time on throughout the shower, or a perfect ice breaker activity as guests arrive.

A good friend of mine is blessed to be having a baby boy in about a month. This baby will join his two big sisters and a plethora of cousins & family that are all very excited about his arrival. My friend’s sisters hosted a wonderful baby shower last month and I was thrilled to share my Baby’s First ABC Book for the guests to color.

Baby Boy Shower Ideas 1

Though I do have a Blank ABC Book Template that allows you the flexibility of guests drawing any theme/design for the shower, some guests might not be thrilled about creating their own drawings from scratch. The custom illustrated ABC Book makes it easy for guests to choose a page to color while keeping the style consistent throughout the book. (UPDATE: I now also have a School Themed Illustrated ABC Book that is perfect for any teacher that’s expecting a baby!)

Party planning at the last minute? All the Baby's First books are available as Instant Download PDFs!

Party planning at the last minute? All the Baby's First books are available as Instant Download PDFs!

Guests loved coloring the pages of this book throughout their time at the baby shower and it was a great activity that included ALL ages! Grandparents and cousins, friends and co-workers joined together to create this book for baby. Then they could sign their name at the bottom of the page. Many guests continued to color while Mom and Dad opened presents which allowed for a fun and casual atmosphere.

ABC Book Ideas

The best part about these ABC Books is the personalization! The PDFs are set up so you can type in Baby’s name on the front cover and the tent sign before you print. Also available are adorable personalized pages that can replace certain letters in the book. At my friend’s baby shower, I included 2 personalized pages for this baby’s two big sisters. (Example: “E is for Emily” would replace the “E is for Elephant” page). When you purchase a personalized page, you can choose from several different illustration options whether it’s a Boy, Girl, or Swaddled Baby!

Personalized pages are the gift that keeps on giving. Print as many as you need for personal use!

Personalized pages are the gift that keeps on giving. Print as many as you need for personal use!

Seeing the complete book at the end of the baby shower was wonderful. In a matter of a couple hours, a lovingly-made ABC Book was complete and ready to cherish for years. It’s also a great reminder of the guests that attended the baby shower--A guest book of sorts.

Here’s the Easy how-to of making an ABC Book Station at a Baby Shower:


  • ABC Book Template (PDF Download, 3 different sizes available: 4x6”, 5x7”, or 8.5x11”)

  • White Cardstock (I prefer 110lb. White Index Card Stock, 8.5x11” Letter Paper)

  • Colored Pencils (recommended over crayons)

  • Pencil Sharpener


  • Plastic Photo Album (Something like this from Amazon, or you could have the book laminated and bound at a print shop)

  • Adobe Reader (To open the PDF and type Baby’s name in)

  • Cutting Board, Xacto Knife and Ruler (If trimming pages yourself, or this can be done by the print shop for a minimal cost--much easier and faster!)

  • Container for the Colored Pencils (Glass Jars, for example)

ABC Baby Shower Activity


  1. Download the ABC Book Template directly from Etsy after your purchase.

  2. Make sure you have Adobe Reader installed if you’d like to personalize the ABC Book cover or the tent sign before printing. When you open the file, type directly over the “Baby’s” text in the file.

  3. Print on white cardstock, preferably on a Laser Printer.

  4. For 4x6” or 5x7” size pages, trim the pages to the crop marks with either a cutting board/Xacto knife/Ruler or, better yet, ask a print shop to trim at the crop marks.

  5. Color the Tent Sign before the shower to add some color and inspire guests.

Train ABC Book Page

OPTIONAL! Consider hanging the cards from a clothesline so that guests can easily choose their page to color, plus it’s a great way to display everyone’s artwork after they are done.

Free Coloring Pages

P.S. When you sign up for my email list, you get these FREE COLORING SHEETS! Great for a Baby Shower or just a Children’s coloring activity! (Coloring Sheets include: “I’m a Big Sister,” “I’m a Big Brother,” and “B is for Baby,” illustrated by yours truly!)

P.P.S. Need more pages to color at the Baby Shower? I have several other coordinating "Baby's First" Books in my shop!