Is Your Dog or Cat Ready for The New Baby?


Here’s some sweet ways to honor your pets at the Baby Shower—they Are a part of the family, after all!

When it was time to plan my sister’s baby shower, I knew we needed to honor their beloved fur babies as well. They’ve been there through thick and thin and are truly a part of the family. I’ve included some simple ways to honor our beloved pets as we make room for baby!


At my sister’s baby shower, I created a personalized iron-on transfer onesie craft station where guests could create their own custom onesie for the baby on the way. I made sure to include some photos of their Goldendoodles as well as some phrases like “My Siblings are Goldendoodles” cut out in the shape of a heart. I outline specifically how I created it on this blog post


Another great way to include your pups (or kittens!) is their very own page in a personalized ABC Coloring Book Activity! Not only is the book customizable with baby’s name or siblings and family pages, but you can also include a page for your beloved family pet. Guests each color a page and sign the bottom of the page so it doubles as a guest book as well. This is such a great activity for young and old! Low-pressure, low-key, and a GREAT memory! It’s also perfect for a long-distance baby shower. Mail the pages out to family and friends and ask them to color, sign, and return to assemble into a book for the baby.


Not only is it a great way to include your pet, but it’s also a great way to remember this season and take a “snapshot” of life before baby. Personalized pages are also perfect for human siblings, too.

Buy your own Illustrated ABC Book and personalized pages in our shop here. (Available as an instant PDF download or printed and mailed!) Also, read rave reviews and find even more “Baby’s First Book” options in our Etsy shop here!


School Theme Baby Shower for Teachers (and Education Lovers!)

ABC Book School Edition Samantha B Design-jpg.jpg

Planning a Baby Shower for a teacher in your life? This is the perfect way to celebrate their new little one. I used a combination of classic vintage schoolhouse theme along with chalk boards, red apples, cursive, yellow pencils and stacks of old and new children’s books. Much of this theme can be pulled together with what you already have. And the best part was having each guest color a page from my new Baby’s First ABC Book (School Theme)! The Baby’s First ABC Book is not only a great baby shower activity for anyone, it’s also a great teacher appreciation gift from the class for a teacher that’s expecting. It includes the class in the excitement and gives the a teacher a sweet keepsake of memories.

ABC Book School Edition Baby Shower

I created a table runner out of lined D'nealian paper by stapling pages together in a long line. Nothing had to be perfect and it came together so quickly. So simple to create and it would also work well for a photo backdrop or wall hanging. The vintage copy of Wizard of Oz was from my Dad’s childhood collection. I also had access to (too many!) children’s books to display around the room. Accents of black and white dishes and decor with pops of red apples along with jars of yellow pencils and stacks of children’s books all around. Chalkboard signs were also perfect to direct guests throughout the shower.

ABC Book School Edition Blog Image Runner.jpg

My illustrated School Theme ABC Book is the perfect baby shower activity and keepsake to complete the theme! Each guest lovingly colored and signed a page for baby. The ABC Book pages double as a decoration—I hung them on a clothesline which made it easy for guests to choose their page to color. Then when they were done coloring, they hung them back up to display! Another great option would be to have small clipboards ready for guests to use as they color their pages. Then all the pages can be laminated and bound or put into a photo album. (See my ABC Book Template post about how to print and book and put it together.)

ABC Book School Edition Samantha B Design-jpg7.jpg

The School Theme Illustrated ABC Book comes in 3 different page size options, as well as downloadable PDFs that you print yourself or 4x6” printed cards with photo album ready to go! See all the options in my Etsy Shop here.

I’d love to hear about your other School themed decoration ideas! Let me know in the comments.

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Free Sloth Valentine's Day Coloring Sheet PDF Download | Great class party idea!

Sloth Valentine Coloring Sheet.jpg

If ever a coloring sheet made me go “squeeeee!” it’s this FREE Sloth Valentine’s Day Coloring Page. We have several sloth friends in our house—it all started with Mose, a slap bracelet sloth stuffed animal that has basically become our family mascot. I even took Mose with me to London last year so I could share photos with the kids of him touring the sites. Funny thing was, while riding the London Eye, I was oblivious to an American couple as they got engaged. Meanwhile, I was having my own little photo shoot with Mose. I looked up in time to see everybody else on the other side of the capsule watching the happy couple just behind me. (Basically, I’m pretty sure there’s a crazy lady taking photos of a stuffed sloth in the background of most of their engagement photos and video. WHOOPS!)

Left: Our daughter sharing her drawing of Mose; Right: Mose posing on the London Eye

Left: Our daughter sharing her drawing of Mose; Right: Mose posing on the London Eye

Needless to say, I’m so very grateful for all my personalized coloring sheet fans out there and I wanted to show the love this Valentine’s Day. Subscribe here for my email list and download this PDF page instantly from our VIP Community download page. I’m thrilled to have you along and look forward to many more coloring opportunities in the future!

Sloth Valentine Coloring Sheet PDF Download

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